Truck Driving School in Ohio

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Understandably, tractor trailer school evokes thoughts about learning how to use huge machines carrying heavy loads on wheels. Basically, it defines any truck able to pull detachable trailer. Also called a semi truck, it’s capable of pulling loads in excess of 200,000 pounds. But, special kind of drivers is needed to maneuver such a huge truck on the public road, with uncompromised safety. That’s where tractor trailer school comes in. Whether you prefer to call it truck driving school, or else, it perform the same role: educating new truck drivers, and enhancing professional skills of the experienced truckers, enabling them to perform more specialized duties. It’s called gaining new endorsements to your license.

Now, the question arises, where do you find a good tractor trailer school in Ohio, and how do you know which one to choose? As the truck driving industry is growing fast, together with the ever increasing volume of freight that it carries across the USA, so does the number of training providers, offering truck driving courses of various length and intensity. Basically, there are three different kinds of trucking schools. Each one will be described in details, below.

Tractor trailer school run by the college, as part of their vocational training, is particularly popular with the high school leavers, wanting to enter a new career. Courses’ duration is rather lengthy, between 10 and 18 weeks. Hours and sizes of classes are quite rigid, and don’t allow for accommodating of individual students’ needs. Fees are very low, or the course is totally free, sponsored by the state education department. The equipment used in the college run tractor trailer school is of average, or below class, and reflects the funding level that the institution receives.

On the other hand, the most popular category of tractor trailer school is that run by the for-profit businesses. These are highly specialized training companies, some with the nation-wide presence. The competition amongst them is considerable, and usually won by the reputation and tuition fees. Many prospective students makes a choice based on the latter factor alone, a big mistake… although considering that some tractor trailer schools have their fees twice as high as some others, warrants further investigation. The training equipment, often incorporating driving and shift simulators, is of high standards. In most cases, the same can be said about the experienced truck drivers working as instructors. Individual programs are possible, with each tractor trailer school having flexible hours and the scope of the tutorials.

Finally, there’s another source of qualified truck drivers, namely transport company run tractor trailer school. Not all, but the largest employers prefer to train their own truck drivers, believing that this way they can take greater care of the expensive equipment, with some lorries, B-doubles and semis costing well above $300,000. Candidates have to sign an agreement that upon the graduation, they start working full time for the company, for a period of 1-2 years. In return, the courses offered are free of charges, and often trainees are paid some wages while they study. The fleet of trucks used for training is usually well taken care of, and very versatile.

Now, after reading the overview of the training opportunities, it’s up to you, to select tractor trailer school that fits your needs. Before you do, try to gather as much info as possible, online (search engines, company’s website), and offline (advertising, Yellow Pages listings). Try talking to truck drivers at any opportunity, ask around, enquire at your local Chamber of Commerce, state education department, and the offices of department of labor. All this will help you in making an educated decision about the beginning of your long term career of a truck driver.

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