Truck Driving Schools in Tennessee

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Truck driving schools in Tennessee have a daunting task, and that is to train the 400,000 drivers that are required each year by the truck driving industry. So far however, they seem to be consistently short of around 80,000 drivers. This means that trucks are sitting idle because there are simply not enough drivers to go around.

Truck driving schools can take raw recruits, those that have absolutely no truck driving knowledge at all, and over the period of around 4 weeks train them so that they are able to pass their Commercial Driving License Test, or CDL. This is always the first step in becoming a professional truck driver. Once the student has graduated from their truck driving school they usually find very little trouble in gaining employment. In fact most students will have been employed before their course is finished. Some will even be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

This huge demand for drivers has seen a large increase in the number of truck driving schools in Tennessee. This naturally is a good thing provided that they are suitably accredited by one of the recognized training bodies. If a Tennessee truck driving school does not have the required accreditation, the student could find he or she has wasted a lot of money on training that is not accepted by a large number of the carriers. Truck driving schools should be proudly sporting their accreditation, but always take the time to ask during the initial enquiry stage.

Truck drivers carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders, not only for their own safety but for all other road users. The responsibility of Tennessee truck driving schools is to train their students to the highest possible standard. This is achieved with licensed instructors and limited class numbers. Observation time is required in some states, but it should not be used as a proxy for actual behind-the-wheel driving time. This is unfortunately the case in some truck driving schools where students spend a great deal of their time waiting for their turn. This is also the practice of some schools who offer group tuition at discounted prices.

There are many truck driving schools to choose from. Some have state-of-the-art teaching facilities with simulators. Preliminary checking of Tennessee truck driving schools in your area will identify quite quickly which are the ones that are worth considering. It is important to be trained on well maintained equipment that is being used in the trucking industry today, and not outdated, poorly maintained trucks. You also need to ascertain if you are able to sit for your CDL in the vehicle that you do your training in, and whether there is any extra charge for this.

Some students will need to sit a second time for their test, and Tennessee truck driving schools offer the extra tuition that is needed free of charge. This is a great bonus as it shows that the school has the student’s best interest at heart.

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